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Skype2Prowl : Push Skype message to your iPhone

Posted by drikin on 2009年8月14日 01:35

I created a simple application named Skype2Prowl. It pushes Skype message to your iPhone via Prowl when you receive message from your contacts. This program works with Skype on your Mac. You have to run Skype and Skype2Prowl at the same time, and have installed Prowl on your iPhone.


Before you run Skype2Prowl, you must have installed Prowl on your iPhone. And you have to get Prowl API Key from web too. Please register an account for Prowl here. After that, you could get your Prowl API Key here.


You can download Skype2Prowl here.

Skype2Prowl works on your mac with Skype. You must run Skype before launching Skype2Prowl. When you start Skype2Prowl for the first time, Skype will present this dialog.

Screen shot 2009-08-14 at 12.47.25 AM

Please select Allow this application to use Skype. You will see the Skype2Prowl icon in menu bar like below.

Screen shot 2009-08-14 at 12.49.14 AM

Finally, you must enter your Prowl API Key in the preferences panel

Screen shot 2009-08-14 at 12.47.14 AM

Please fill your skype username and Prowl API Key. That's it.

After you close the Preferences panel, when you receive a Skype message, you will get a push notification on your iPhone at the same time. Caution: Skype2Prowl only pushes messages separated by more than a certain interval(default 60sec) from last message.


I know Prowl + Growl have a capability of push notification from Skype too. But Growl always push all your received message. I think overly push is annoying and inconvenience sometime. Skype2Prowl suppresses push notification while chat is active. 


Skype2Prowl is based on this simple python script. I just wrap this script as OS X app using py2app. I think you can execute this script on Linux and Windows as well.

If you like my small application, please consider to donate me ;-)

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