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nexus one first photo impression

Posted by drikin on 2010年1月 7日 22:20
nexus one

お約束で、発表と同時に条件反射的にゲットしてしまったnexus one。もちろん完全アンロックモデルを購入。発表から、2日で早速手元に届きましたので、まずは、外観周りなどをフォトレポートします。

Janualy 5th, Google announced new android phone named nexus one. I ordered it at the same time. After two days, it already arrived at my hand. I'll try to do the photo report first.

nexus one

ご開帳した直後はこんな感じ。パッケージは、iPhone的というか、前回のGoogle I/Oで配られたG2も実は、真っ白なこれ系のパッケージでした。

Open the package, the package looks like iPhone's one. The G2 phone google provided at previous Google I/O has similar white package as well.


こちらが、去年Google I/Oで配られたG2のパッケージ

This is G2 package.

nexus one


There are three layer inside the package. There are the case and thin paper manuals at the second layer.

nexus one

三層目には、ケーブル類が。充電は、マイクロUSBケーブルですが、PCと接続するためのUSB-マイクロUSBケーブルと、充電専用のマイクロUSB ACアダプタが付属してるのは親切。

At the third layer, there are cables. One is micro USB-USB cable for PC. The other cable is micro USB-AC adapter for charging. There is the headphone as well.

nexus one


I favored this headphone that have cute logo. It also have simple control buttons.

nexus one


This is the device. It looks an usual(?).

nexus one


You can print your favorite message on the back if you want. It is acceptable until two lines. I just print my domain drikin.com. ;-)

nexus one


The camera is slightly big. The flash functionality is included. I think the flash strength is strong as mobile camera.

nexus one

お約束の、比較画像。サイズ的には、Just iPhoneサイズという感じ。車のフロントガラスにマウントするiPhoneのアクセサリーにはめてみたところ、ほぼ同じサイズで、紙一枚くらい噛ませるだけで、普通にホールドできちゃいました。

I compared nexus with other similar devices. nexus one's size is almost same at iPhone3G(S). I had tried to mount nexus to iPhone car holder. It is working fine with single paper that is used as spacer.

nexus one

背面比較。やっぱG1のAndroid devphoneが一番派手だなぁ

This is the back shot. G1 is most loudly in these devices.

nexus one


This is a standby screen. If you slide your finger to right as iPhone, the device becomes unlock. If you slide your finger to left, the device becomes mute.

nexus one


It is a bit difficult to show you as photo. The dynamic background is really showy. This looks is obviously showy than iPhone.

nexus one


It also a bit difficult to recognize from this photo. but please see the top of nexus screen carefuly, you can see 3D effect for icons. nexus one is working with Android OS 2.1. It is introduced GPU optimization for the UI. Then you can watch the 3D effect at some of part of GUI.


I haven't been using nexus much yet. This is a first impression. I'll try to do more report later.

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