Drift Diary XV

Cyber Clean

Posted by drikin on 2010年2月27日 20:52
2010-02-27 20.09.29

Today I found a little bit interesting item at Walgreens. The item name is Cyber Clean. It's cleaning compound. It looks like slime. 

2010-02-27 20.04.33 2010-02-27 20.05.00 2010-02-27 20.05.17

I just bought it for a topic to talk basically. It isn't working for the stain. But it's really useful for the keyboard.

2010-02-27 20.10.00

It's also useful for the game controller and remote controller. My MacBook Pro's keyboard became beautiful as new.

2010-02-27 20.12.492010-02-27 20.12.12 2010-02-27 20.26.18 2010-02-27 20.26.24

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