Drift Diary XV

Napa Valley

Posted by drikin on 2010年5月12日 20:51

I went to Napa valley by the car which my wife drove. She got a driver lisence a few month ago. This is totally first long driving by herself. The day is really nice weather. I could take many good pictures by Nikon D80.


I just sat at passenger seat with iPad.

DSC_0251.JPG DSC_0256.JPG DSC_0255.JPG DSC_0257.JPG

Then I could enjoy the landscape from the seat. I went Napa thought Golden Gate Bridge.

DSC_0260.JPG DSC_0262.JPG DSC_0263.JPG

She have driven for about one hour. We began to see the winery.

DSC_0265.JPG DSC_0266.JPG DSC_0271.JPG

This winery is my first place where I went to at first time. @andrewyonemoto took me here at that time.

DSC_0273.JPG DSC_0275.JPG DSC_0276.JPG DSC_0282.JPG DSC_0286.JPG DSC_0288.JPG DSC_0289.JPG DSC_0290.JPG DSC_0292.JPG DSC_0293.JPG DSC_0295.JPG

When we arrived Napa, we took a lunch here at first. This Sashimi Tuna Salad was really delicious. We choice Frog Leap wine. The wine is nice too.

DSC_0301.JPG DSC_0300.JPG DSC_0299.JPG DSC_0298.JPG DSC_0304.JPG DSC_0306.JPG DSC_0308.JPG DSC_0309.JPG DSC_0310.JPG

We headed for Clos Pegase which is most north winery in Napa Vally.

DSC_0311.JPG DSC_0312.JPG DSC_0314.JPG DSC_0315.JPG DSC_0318.JPG DSC_0317.JPG

We had tasting a few wines then I bought one from here.

DSC_0321.JPG DSC_0319.JPG DSC_0322.JPG DSC_0323.JPG DSC_0325.JPG DSC_0332.JPG

At the middle of way back, I could see the horse at the side of road.

DSC_0334.JPG DSC_0335.JPG

We had really good day!!

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