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My first NEX5 HD Movie

Posted by drikin on 2010年7月10日 21:12

This is my first NEX5 movie which format is AVCHD 1920x1080. I just put NEX5 on my car's dashboard without any special tool. The picture quality is really awesome but my 16mm lens has no ant blur sensor. Then, for instant usage, HX5V movie is really useful and that anti blur feature is really good than NEX5. (Sure NEX5 quality is better)

I'm also using Eye-Fi X2 Pro with NEX5. The combination is really perfect. NEX5 has Eye-Fi control menu inside their setting. NEX5 managements Eye-Fi power as well. Finally if I take the movie as HD(both AVCHD and MP4), Eye-Fi X2 Pro automatically uploads the movie to YouTube as 1080p. It's really useful. This movie also uploaded by Eye-Fi automatically. I strongly recommend Eye-Fi X2 Pro for all of NEX5 user.

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