Drift Diary XV

My AR.Drone first flight

Posted by drikin on 2010年9月 5日 17:09

Yesterday I bought AR.Drone which is Wi-Fi helicopter that iPhone can controls. Today was a first day to play it. After Yoga class done I brought it to Presidio Park in San Francisco. Today's weather is really nice. I could see blue sky with comfortable temperature. But only problem is strong wind. My first flight became tough for me and my AR.Drone. Basically AR.Drone has own stabilizing facility from wind type of disturbance but the wind was too strong than it's capability.

Anyway please take a look my YouTube movie. From some trials, finally I could operate it pretty much. It's really exciting. Let me try it without strong wind at next time!

Additionally, this movie was taken by NEX-5 with Zoom lens and editing by iMovie'09. It's fun!

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