Drift Diary XV

I will return it. Post-fin story about ZAGG Sparq Battery.

Posted by drikin on 2010年10月12日 21:37
I have blogged about ZAGG Sparq Battery before.
You may become free from battery issue for mobile devices by ZAGG Sparq - Drift Diary XIII

It was a really convenience gadget for me. Unfortunately I have to tell you a sad post story today. Because I will return it to seller tomorrow.
Please carefully watch the first photo which has a crack at the connector parts.
Actually it was completely broken without any intentional damage. I had just been using it for a week. It was really crappy quality. My first notice which I could feel if it wasn't a good quality was the package. When I received it from Amazon, the paper package was opened.
I had tried to fix it by myself but it was quite difficult. So I decided to return it to Amazon. I had really satisfied the functionality then it was very sad...
if you already have it, please try to check the connector parts. You might reinforce it before it is completely broken.

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